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Size Doesn't Matter

When selecting the best fit, it is important not to get caught up in the vanity of sizing. You may wear a smaller or even larger size than you are used to on any given day, depending on the designer.

It is important to concentrate on the measurements of the garment and not the number on the label. Whether it is smaller or larger than normal, it is only indicative of the size in that particular manufacturer's line and does not define or describe you in any other way.


Are Women's and Misses Sizes the Same?

Just in case you were wondering, your hunch is correct. Women's and Misses clothing are not sized the same. The differences are in the garment's cut. In most cases, plus sizes are called Women's as opposed to Plus and usually range from 1X to 5X and beyond. It is up to the manufacturer.

On the flip side, Misses clothing is typically sized in even numbers from 2 - 14.


Finding Your Size

You may have noticed that women's clothing sizes have changed over the years. It seems designers and manufacturers have figured out that women prefer to see a smaller number in the label of their clothing.

To find your current size, consult one of the many sizing charts online, such as SizeWize, and start with taking accurate measurements.

Remember, it's not about the size you have to buy, but more about how fabulous you look when you find your best fit.

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