Choosing the Right Shoe for The Right Price

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Choosing the Right Shoe for The Right Price

The shoe is the most important accessory of all. For day, a simple pump with a mid-height heel (2-3 inches) is recommended. If we are going with black, don’t be afraid to have a dash of color as long as you have a nice, seasonal blazer or scarf to pull the colors together. A good pump can be worn for many seasons provided the heel is a classic style such as stiletto, which typically does not go out of style. Those with trendier shapes or chunkier heels may date your look.

When choosing a shoe for the evening, go for metallics, open toe sandals, ankle straps and higher heels (if you can handle it and if you are not required to walk around much). Ideal high-heel scenarios are dinners without dancing or excessive walking requirements. Again, classic styles, colors and heels are able to last from season to season.

If you absolutely must match your shoe to your outfit (and you are not opting for black), again shop for shoes off season and if shopping at an off-priced retailer, keep in mind that most stores receive deliveries on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings.

If you can get away from the office for lunch on one of those days, you have a much better chance to nab your favorite designer shoe in just the right color for under $30!



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