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The Joys of Shopping Off Season

You can visit the main department store clearance rack during the off season, and save your great buy for next season or sometimes even luck up on a year-round buy!

As a smart shopper, you are certainly aware that the intelligent buyer always shops off season. You can save up to 75% or more off in-season prices. Buying a designer label dress or skirt from six months ago can pay off big and the bonus is that usually the styles don’t change that much from season to season-outside of fabrics.

Seek out flexible fabrics that go from season to season such as polyester blends as well as silks make a huge difference in the overall outfit; and the price.


Accessory Shopping Tips - Belts

Like handbags and shoes, belt styles do change from season to season, but an extremely thin or extremely wide belt will usually work with the appropriate outfits. In terms of buying a belt, Ross has an excellent selection as well as Marshall’s; however, they aren’t always rock bottom. You can occasionally grab a designer leather belt for less than $25, but be prepared to pay at least that for a belt that you can wear over and over – and from season to season. The key here is to stretch your dollar!

I am not aware of any retailer that just sells belts; besides, that wouldn’t be a very exciting shopping trip would it?

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