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Low Rise Tip #1

Although low-cut jeans are not for everyone, there are ways to do this so that the style works for you. Of greater concern is to avoid the muffin top, which occurs when the jeans are tight around the hip area. Pair your jeans or low cut Brazilian jeans with the right accessories. They can make a difference.

To determine the body type by looking in the mirror and honestly evaluate the shape. According, pear-shaped women are big on the bottom and smallest on top.


Spice Up Your Ripped Jeans

Feel like wearing ripped jeans but don't want to show too much skin? A great way to wear excessively ripped or stylishly distressed jeans is to pair them with a thin, sheer legging underneath.

With so many stylish prints available in leggings, try pairing your leggings with a pair of these thin leggings with a coordinated oxford shirt. You can wear the shirt tucked in with a wide belt or hanging out with no belt at all.

The choice to tuck or not to tuck your shirt in your jeans depends on the occasion. A great look for school or shopping is to tuck it in with a great wide belt and a pair of comfy heels.

This will give the jeans a different look every time you wear them with different leggings! Enjoy your ripped jeans again with new life—thanks to leggings.

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